Autotron® Induction Heating System

Autotron® Induction Heating System

Advanced Induction Heating Technology
For Advanced Assembly And Manufacturing Applications

  • The Autotron 3300-3 is the most powerful, versatile and safest induction heating system available to collision repair, automotive glass and auto recycling facilities.  With over 3300 Watts of available power, users will always have enough power to get the job done quickly.

    Operates from a standard 15 amp 110 or 220 Vac input.  Comes complete with 3 heating attachments (Glass Pro, Body Pro, and Bolt Pro), footswitch, power cord, instructional DVD and owner’s manual.  This system is capable of 100’s of applications.

    • R&I your own automotive glass in less than 0.3 hours
    • Remove stubborn graphics & stripes in seconds (Glue is removed with stripe)
    • Quickly remove spay-in bedliners with little effort
    • R&I side mouldings in less the 0.1 hours, (re-use original OEM tape)

Induction Coils/Heating Attachments...


Output:1.5kW/3.3kW Max (user selectable)
  • Frequency Range:45kHz-60kHz
  • Input Voltage:110 Vac/ 220 Vac; 15 Amp; 1-phase
  • Power Factor:95%
  • Load Inductance Range:10uH-12uH or 22uH-25uH
  • Installed Capacitance:3x 0.13uF; 400V *
  • Cooling: Forced air via Internal cooling fans.
  • Critical components are heat sink mounted.
  • Power source is thermostatically protected.
  • Dimensions9.0 X 9.0 X 18.0 inches
  • 230 X 230 X 460 millimeters
  • Weight:28 pounds (13kg)
  • Body Pro Inductor

    The Body Pro inductor (included with the Autotron 3300-3 system) is the heating inductor, most often used for painted side molding removal, as well as the removal of pin stripes, vinyl graphics, and emblems

    Frame Pro Inductor

    The Frame Pro Inductor is an optional heating attachment designed specifically for rapid heating of frame rails and structural panels of automobiles for straightening and stress relieving.