Advanced heating solutions to keep your system running smoothly

Our induction automation system services provide valuable support and expertise to manufacturers and other users of induction automation, helping them to maximize the benefits of these systems and improve their operations.

Induction Automation Systems

Specialized systems used in industrial and commercial settings to automate the process of induction heating. Induction automation systems offer several benefits, including:

Increased efficiency and productivity.

Improved consistency and quality of the finished product.

Heat Treating/Custom Inductors

Custom inductors are an important component of induction heating systems, as they are responsible for generating the magnetic fields that produce the heat.

Heat treating applications may be designed to produce specific levels of heat, depending on the requirements of the heat treating process.

Designed to operate at specific frequencies, depending on the material being treated and the desired heating effect.

Automated Braze Machines (Flame or Induction)

These are specialized machines used for brazing, which is a process in which two or more metal parts are joined together using a third, molten metal.

Typically consist of a conveyor belt or other material handling system, a heating element, and a mechanism for applying the brazing material.

Offer several advantages over manual brazing processes, including increased speed, consistency, and productivity.

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