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CEIA has been working on the design and manufacture of no-contact Induction Heating Devices for metal treatment. High and medium-frequency generators, control units, optical sensors for measuring temperature and automatic solder-alloy wire supply devices for over 40 years.

CEIA induction heating systems are currently applied in different industries. Thanks to the extremely high energy efficiency, guaranteed reliability in time and reduced overall size, CEIA Induction Generators, Control Units and Optical Pyrometers are complemented by all the main automatic machine manufacturers (OEM), and have been used successfully in all those applications where the process repeatability, the constant power supply, and the accurate temperature control are essential.

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CEIA’s unique technological solutions allow power equipment manufacturing with compact size, extremely high-energy efficiency, and long-term reliability.  Their high performance contributes to the widespread use of CEIA systems in the most important industrial fields, where they have received the approval of end users and final-product manufacturers.