Induction Heating Controllers

Induction Heating Controllers

Controls are used to turn the heating on and off, set the power level, set heating time, set process temperatures, and verify the heating process. The fly can change power during the heating cycle based on programmed times or temperature readings. Manual controls such as on/off or power control foot pedals, push button and timer stations, built-in two-stage time and power panels, or connection cables are available. Please call us to discuss the best configuration for your needs.

Induction Heating Controllers

PID Lite Temperature ControllerPID Lite Temperature Controller

  • 0-1,260°C temperature range
  • Simple temperature setpoint via potentiometer
  • Large illuminated start/stop button
  • Process error indicator
  • LED display for setpoint and process temperature
  • Full PID ramp and soak based on type-k formatted temperature feedback signal

TOCCOtron Process ControllerTOCCOtron Process Controller

  • 4” color touchscreen display provides an easy user interface.
  • Multiple part/process profile storage capability.
  • Monitors all critical process parameters.
  • Available with auxiliary temperature/analog input to allow process control via IR sensor or similar device
  • Provides process trending and data storage
  • Data can be exported for detailed analysis.
  • Can be connected to facilities’ IP network for remote data monitoring.


  • Provides basic on/off and power control up to 15ft away.
  • 0-100% power control via 1-turn potentiometer
  • Heat on/off toggle switch
  • Heat-on light illuminates when the power supply is activated
  • 15ft cable with mating plug included